It’s easy to get Married in Denmark. Here’s why!

Every year over 13.000 couple takes the trip to Denmark, to yes to each other on Danish ground. This is almost a third of all the marriages that are being arranged every year in Denmark. Couples from all over the world find their way to this tiny country in the north and it is not because of the good weather that they decide to come.

One of the main reasons that this wedding migration takes place is that Denmark has a long tradition for very liberal laws. This means that compared to other countries f.ex.  Germany, it is easy to be married in Denmark. If you have your documentation ready, it might only take two-three weeks before you and your partner can have your wedding.

In every town hall in Denmark, it is possible to have a civil wedding and Danish Coastal Weddings is collaborating with two of the most experienced Town Halls concerning weddings of couples from abroad.

The Danish liberal way of thinking meant that Denmark was the first country in the world that recognized a civil wedding of homosexual couples in 1989 and furthermore since 2012 it has been legal for couples of the same sex to be married in a church.