Four Packages. Lots of Locations

Simple & Basic

Simple & Basic

When committing your love on paper is just perfect!

This package includes an official wedding ceremony in either Elsinore Townhall or Copenhagen Townhall. An official from the Town Hall will be the master of the wedding ceremony. It is possible to have the ceremony conducted in the following languages: Danish, English and German.

Unique & Romantic

It’s easy to fall in love when seeing these locations!

This package includes a wedding ceremony at a location of your choice. Maybe, you’ve always dreamt of a wedding at the beach? Or in the forrest? Or what about one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Denmark? You just have to decide!

For each of the locations it’s possible to add extras.

Simple & Basic
Simple & Basic

The Scandinavian Inspired Wedding

Do you love Vikings? We do too!

The fireplace is burning in Harold the Bluetooth Hall –  it is time to celebrate!
The bride is coming to her wedding in a flower decorated boat on the river that passes the Hall..

This may sound like the scene from the world famous serie “Vikings”, but actually it could be the beginning of your very own Viking wedding. It’s up to you!

The Castle Wedding

Two Castles. One Wedding. You decide!

Say “yes” to the love of your life in Kronborg Castle – The home of Hamlet. Have fireworks, cannon shootings and red carpet – only your imagination sets the limit.

A beautiful white castle, a romantic park, a magnificent view over the blue sea and situated in the country side, with soft hills and green meadow –  Dragsholm Castle seems taken out of a fairytale by H. C. Andersen

Simple & Basic