Who we are and what we do

Get married in Denmark

If you are looking for where to get married easy and fast, get married in Denmark!

The best place to get married

…in Europe, is Denmark! It’s quick and easy, and I’m here to assist you. My name is Ditte Rendtorff and I am the owner of the company Danish Costal Weddings. I have made it my goal to help people from all over the world, who would like to get married in Denmark.

My motto is ‘Love is the strongest power that exists’ and I believe that there should be no boundaries concerning nationality, religion or sex in that context. And that is what weddings in Denmark is all about.

Inspired by many travels to different continents, meeting and communicating with people from different cultures, I decided to start an international business, where I provide professional and fast service. My goal is to take you by the hand and help you get your dream wedding in Denmark.

How to arrange a Danish wedding?

When you decide on a wedding in Denmark, arranged by Danish Coastal Weddings and me, Ditte, you just need to send the documents requested as attached PDF-files. Please make sure to send all documents needed for the authorities to handle your wedding request as smooth and fast as possible.

Best places to get married in Denmark…

…is also on our list of expertice. But first you need to pick 3 different wedding dates 1-2 months ahead. In order of preference. At the same time, let us know, which kind of Danish wedding you prefer. A Danish city hall wedding, a Danish light house wedding, a Danish church wedding or something totally differnt? It’s up to you, how and where you want to marry in Denmark, we are here to assist – and you can choose all days except Sundays.

Send the payment the same day you send documents. We do not start processing any document procedures before we have the bank transfer. Please allow one week for us to reply. We can be very busy preparing someone else’s very special day.

We’re here to help you get married in Denmark. Just ask, and we will say: I do!