Danish coastal weddings collaborate with some of the many beautiful churches in Denmark. You can get married in a Danish Church, even though that you are from another country, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you a looking for a church wedding!

Driving on the countryside in Denmark you hardly can´t miss the big old stone buildings, spectacular in architecture and style that characterizes the Danish churches, often situated on a hilltop in the middle of a small village. Even though Denmark is a tiny country, the amount of churches is numerous. All together the number of churches is around 2400, and they come in many sizes, colors and shapes – some round, some bright yellow or red, some built into castles and others enormous in size.

The oldest church build of stone, that still are a part of Danish history and culture is from the 800. century. Most of the churches were built between 1100 and 1500 when the Christianity became the main religion in Denmark.

Inside the old churches is a very special atmosphere and is a very special feeling to walk up the isle and say “I do” to each other in these beautiful surroundings. Did you know that only one of the couple need to have benne baptized in a christian Lutheran church to be married in one?

Wedding venues in Denmark – the spectacular churches where you can get married are:

Udby church – at Tuse Næs near Holbæk – 1 hour drive from Copenhagen


Gl. Højerup kirke at Stevns klint

It is possible to be married at this spectacular and beautiful old church with a direct view over the Baltic sea. Since the church is not in use any more, but still used for wedding ceremonies, it is possible to have a civil wedding or a religious ceremony for any religion you belong to.

Wedding venues in Copenhagen

Sct Petri Church


Sct. Petri church is a Christian Lutheran church and is situated in the center of Copenhagen. It is the German church in Denmark. The vicar can conduct the ceremony in Danish, English or German after you wish.

Sct. Ansgar church

Sct. Ansgar church is a roman catholic church and is also situated in the center of Copenhagen.

If you will like to have a catholic wedding you need to apply 6 months before the wedding.

foto: Jørgen Jespersen

To marry in Denmark in a church is a beautiful experience, and we are ready to help you with all the details. The Denmark wedding venues are many but the church venues are very spectacular.