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Have an authentic Viking wedding in Denmark

The fireplace is burning in Harold the Blue Tooth hall –  it is time to celebrate!

Now the bride is coming to her wedding in a flower decorated boat on the river that passes the Hall. The ceremony master and her coming husband together with all the guest is waiting for her at the river bank.

Now the ceremony begins guided by the master..

This may sound like the scene from the world famous serie “Vikings”, but actually it could be the beginning on your own authentic Viking wedding and an unforgettable wedding day in an authentic Viking atmosphere.

Price: € 450 per person (min. 30 persons)

This package includes:

  • Wedding dinner and party in Harold the Bluetooth Hall

  • Viking inspired 3 course dinner made with nordic ingrediences and beverages after own choice.

  • Decoration in the Hall with candles, animal skins and flowers

  • Viking ceremony master leading the wedding ceremony inspired by the ancient Nordic Asa belief.

  • Viking close rental for the guests

  • Round tour with a guide in the Viking village

  • Mjoed tasting (Viking beer) and snack

  • Viking Warrior tournament – “the challenge of Thor

  • Viking story telling

  • Sleep over night in Viking tents or hotel room rental in a town nearby

  • Bus roundtrip from Copenhagen airport to Trelleborg (around 1,5 hour drive)

  • Viking music band

Viking Wedding in the Hall of Harold the Bluetooth


  • 11.00 Arrival in Copenhagen airport

  • 11.30 Bus to Trelleborg

  • 13.00 Arrival in Trelleborg

  • 13.00-15.00 relaxing and dressing

  • 15.00 Viking wedding by the river

  • 15.30 Roundtrip at Trelleborg

  • 16.00 Thors Challenge – warrior tournament

  • 18.00 Wedding dinner in Harold the Blue Tooth Hall and Viking story telling

  • 21.00 Viking music and dance

  • 03.00 Good night

  • 10.00 Breakfast and relaxing

  • 12.00 Bus to Copenhagen airport

  • 15.00 Departure from Copenhagen Airport


  • Entre

  • Salmon on turnip stew

  • or

  • Beetroot marinated salmon with herbal cream

  • Buffet:

  • Braised knuckle with goatcream

  • Spit-roasted Lamb clubs

  • Beef fillet with berry sauce

  • Baked potatos with aioli

  • Wild leaf herb with cheese pottage

  • Whole wheat reversed with seasonal vegetables

  • Travelers porridge with seasonal berries

  • Hazelnut Treats